What is Parkinson Central?

Parkinson Central is a place for anyone dealing with Parkinson's Disease - whether you’re the person with the disease, a caregiver, a family member or for anyone who wants a deeper understanding about the disease. We strive to keep you informed with the latest research, analysis and breakthroughs to ease pain and improve quality of life.

“Those suffering from Parkinson’s can be helped. They can have a higher quality of life and a longer life. Parkinson’s is my calling and offering this training is something I truly believe in.”


Curly Dykstra

Personal Trainer, Seasoned Instructor & certified Parkinson's Cycle Coach

For twenty years since becoming a certified Medical Exercise Specialist Curly Dykstra has had one thing on her mind; “I’m about helping people.” Her initial motivation began within her own experience.

“I was overweight and depressed. I made up my mind that in order to help people, I need to help myself.”

Now after many years in the fitness industry, she has found a particular passion among those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Dykstra has unlocked a training method which helps restore and maintain mobility and control for those suffering from the disease. By using a research-based methodology called “forced exercise” clients see amazing results.

Curly has created a unique environment where people suffering from the disease can go for training and to support each other. Families and caretakers now have another source for cutting edge information and a compassionate expert to consult with about their loved ones.
Dykstra additionally continues to train others on fitness and best practices for a healthy life. She received her certification in 1999 and has been on the move ever since.

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